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27 Ways to get more (YouTube) Views in 2021

Increase YouTube channel views
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1. Create Interesting Looking Playlists

Creating playlists are essential to increasing views.
We’re conditioned into creating favourites and playlists (supported by Spotify and Netflix amongst others).
So it helps to go one step further to make each of your playlists REALLY stand out.


  • Alternate the design template to make each playlist individually stand out
  • Add a short text to the playlist image (which matches close to the title of the playlist)
  • Alternate between horizontal and vertical layouts (using YouTube’s Customize Channel) to maintain people’s interest and curiosity

2. Fully Optimize Your Description

Your video description is a key part of your YouTube SEO and getting your videos found. It also gives your audience a preview of what your video is all about.

Description Optimization Tips:

  • Write something compelling
  • Use 2-3 sentences in the introduction, but remember only the first few lines will show up (before people have to click Show More)
  • Use keywords in the introduction which best match your video, but don’t overdo them, since this will have a negative effect
  • Write 150+ words in the detail section (what will people learn, a background of how this video is relevant) so YouTube and Google can fully understand your content
  • Add your website links
  • Use YTubeBooster to add your social media Channels
  • Use YTubeBooster to add links to your other popular YouTube videos
  • Add a call-to-action to subscribe to your YouTube channel

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3. Maximize Your Video Title ‘Click Through Rate’ (CTR)

CTR Logic
CTR or click through rate vector illustration. Ratio of online advertising analysis. Percentage formula explanation and website customer engagement effectiveness calculation.

YouTube’s own advice says;
“A well-written title can be the difference between someone watching and sharing …. or scrolling right through”

Tips for creating the best optimized Title include:

  • Add a number e.g. 10 Ways
  • Add a number of steps, e.g. 1 of 5
  • Add a date e.g. 2021
  • Add a framework title (5 Best Ways to Get Fit – In 40 Days)
  • [Use brackets] or (you can use these brackets too)
  • “Use parenthesis”
  • Add ‘NEW’ somewhere in the Title
  • Use between 40 – 50 characters
  • Optimise your use of keywords using YTubeBooster keyword research tool

4. Create Custom Thumbnails That STAND OUT

YouTube says:
“Thumbnails are usually the FIRST thing that viewers see”

This makes creating a custom Thumbnail one of the most important things to make your videos stand out and get more views.

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