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22 excellent ways to boost your social proofing immensely

Social Proof your Product
Social proof gets based on the mass societal, psychological mindset of approval of a particular product, service or belief. The process involves a powerful leader or influencer who, as a person, projects to approve something. The masses’ idolizing of that particular entity causes the liking or disliking of anything to get endorsed. It is more evident and pronounced in this digital era. Assume that you are browsing through a webpage describing a tool. In the subsequent pages, you find your favourite movie star already using it. Almost immediately, chances are very high that you have already fallen in love with the gadget. Social proofing involves banking on third-party influence to sway potential customers. So if you run a channel get acquainted with the following excellent ways to boost your social proofing immensely.

Social proofing examples at work

Look around and you will find many excellent ways to boost your social proofing immensely.

  • Restaurants: Often, we have seen people waiting to sit in a space-constrained restaurant. For a passerby, the waiting rush creates the impression that the restaurant serves excellent culinary delights and would visit the same place on a different occasion. It is a live example of social proofing at work.
  • Stores: Posh outlets will often invite celebrities to shop within their premises, the photos of which will later get flaunted on social and print media. It subconsciously tells customers that the cream of society approves of their merchandise and services.

Types of social proofing around to increase conversions

1. Real-Time Stats – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

Get Know-how how many people get currently glued to a particular page. Know how many customers are purchasing at a specific time. These are elements of a great form of social proof. It even adds the fear of missing out (FOMO).

A great tool to quickly implement this is YTubeBooster. It displays your most current site activity in a concise, attention-grabbing popup.

You can produce buttons for registrations, purchases, signups, and more. You can rate such notifications with words like cool and on fire to highlight things blowing up in popularity. These are some unique ways to leverage FOMO on landing pages and checkouts.

2. Customer Testimonials – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

Testimonials are psychologically infectious. According to stats by Nielsen- A global leader in audience insights, data, and analytics, 92% of the masses will quickly trust a recommendation from a peer. Interestingly 70% of people will believe someone they don’t even know. A state of mind that drives huge brands to flaunt customer testimonials on their website and social sphere. Amazon is one such example.

3. Celebrity endorsements – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

Brands try to influence the social perception of their brands by availing the services of celebrities positively. Movie stars and divas have a cult following, which translates into a readymade bank of patrons for a particular product or service endorsed by the cine stars. Companies enter into formal contracts with famous celluloid personalities to call such shots to promote their brands. Multibillion beverage corporations like Pepsi always habitually cast trending actors or sports personalities to promote them.

4. Case Studies – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Case studies are a more detailed form of social proof. They are more formal than customer testimonials. Their sheer size gets perceived as more reliable than the short general reviews.

5. Media Mentions – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Many brands liaison with established and well-known reliable magazines on the lines of Forbes or Entrepreneur, known as the source for high-quality information. Brands mentioned by such media mediums get excellent traction in the form of trust and popularity among end consumers.

Media mentions appear in many forms, such as magazine features, podcast reviews, and TV Segments. Brands often feature such media mentions on their websites to gain credibility.

6. Certification seals – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Certification seals boost the company’s credibility as highly established in its line of work. They are symbolic of high standards of operation and productivity, which gives such recipients advanced status among their genre. Once a company acquires similar seals or certifications, they can proudly display them on their websites as a mark of great authenticity in a particular category.

7. Social Media Takeovers – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

It involves the role of an influencer who will take the reins of projecting your brand over the social media spectrum to influence it positively. The brand and influencer enter into a formal contract for mutual gain for a contracted time. 

For example, suppose you are running an online digital marketing course. In that case, the assigned influencer will broadcast all positive vibes about your practice to a readymade slice of followers under his person, who will instantly feel optimistic about your online course.

8. Hosting Experts – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Inviting Guests to speak about your product is an excellent form of social proofing. The viewers will immediately ascribe expert opinion to the brand leading to enhanced acceptance and goodwill. Such experts usually contribute to social media platforms like blogs or podcasts as an effective way to establish a brand’s credibility. The resultant benefit is that your brand’s followers will look forward to you as a source of valuable information, which will enhance sales and repeat orders in the coming days.

9. Platform Integrations – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

 It is a backlinking wherein you feature your logos on third-party websites. So while using their products or services, a spilling effect gets created whereby your customers elevate your brand by associating with other top-notch brands. Likewise, their customers will also get to know your brand, thus bringing in fresh prospects for your line of products or services.

10. Subscriber count – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

The increased subscriber count is social proof, showing how many customers your brand has served until then. The higher subscribed numbers are a compelling feature for others visiting your website to subscribe.

11. Ratings and reviews – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

Ratings and reviews are popular among online stores, particularly those selling commodities. It is a form of social proof quite similar to customer testimonials. The difference is that ratings and reviews get placed on the product page, while customer testimonials mostly appear on the home page. Amazon is an example of an online store that hugely implements ratings and reviews.

12. Best Sellers – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing

When your online store has got a lot to offer, it creates confusion of choice among customers. It is also known as the paradox of choice. Hence, many best-selling lists get introduced to help them speed up the buying process by showing them what others are already buying. It allows customers to narrow their search to a few things instead of many.

13. Customer base – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

A brand’s client list is a powerful form of social proof. By highlighting your existing clients’ logos on your website, you let the newcomers know whom you have served. It is an effective way of demonstrating the efficacy of your product and its demand in the market.

14. Update and Highlight the number of orders received – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

When you share your demands for a particular product, it creates a powerful impact in terms of social proof. So when you make such figures evident, it instils confidence in people and prods them to take action.

15. Social Media Proof – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

When your customers share positive experiences regarding your products or services over social media, it gains your brand a massive chunk of social proofing. You can give your customers certain monetary credits to share their experiences on your channel. It will encourage them to be forthright with their feeling about your brands.

16. Test Scores – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Test scores can be beneficial for potential customers when making a purchasing decision as they provide transparency about the quality of your product. An example is the Google Trusted Store card which provides a score based on essential criteria to online shoppers. It helps ease any concerns shoppers may have about purchasing from your store.

17. Customers also bought – Excellent ways to boost your social proofing.

Data about your potential customers’ complementary purchases, often bought with the product they were viewing, is a powerful upselling tactic that proves people are buying more from your store.

18. Popular posts – Enhance your social proofing.

Any post marked as popular naturally drives people’s curiosity, and it plays bait to increase sales proportionately to the number of times the article gets viewed. Dedicating a blog site to your brand’s webpage is a way to drive popular posts for increased sales and goodwill.

19. Customer showcase – Enhance your social proofing.

Customers like to share their varied experiences, some of which could be related to your products. In that case, use their sharing to comment upon and create further social proof. Buyers love to get featured, so let them do it by tagging your brand when sharing their experience. It is a customer showcase that will eventually attract more customers who like such results.

20. Adding photos to create social proof – Enhance your social proofing.

Research has proven that photographs have got s significant impact in making the masses believe your claims about a product are genuine. Use testimonials supported by pictures to increase the likelihood of converting prospects into customers. 

21. Use storytelling – Enhance your social proofing.

Christopher Chabris & Daniel Simons are two psychologists who have discovered that human stories are highly relatable and hence more convincing than raw numbers regarding marketing. Stories stick to anyone as we all relate ourselves to an account. So validating generic numbers through storytelling is a powerful social proof.

22. Make use of the Halo effect – Enhance your social proofing.

It is a human tendency to associate one’s overall opinions about a brand, person, or product based on our feelings about that target. Such an emotion causes one to assimilate the target person’s traits, neutral or negative as more positive. An audience falling madly in love with its idol, like the late Michael Jackson, is an example of a powerful halo effect at work. Highly successful people get trusted with what they say results from such an impact. The Halo effect is the reason behind influencers sounding very persuasive.


Social proof is a critical aspect of business and marketing, and small businesses often need to pay more attention to it. You can instantly show clients and customers that you are a legitimate and professional business with the correct social proof. This post has provided some excellent ways to boost your social proofing and make it known to customers and clients that you are a legitimate business. We hope this blog post has helped show you some simple ways to boost your social proofing, and if you have any queries or need any help with increasing your social proofing, please feel free to contact us at


1. What is social proofing?

Social proofing is using social signals to build trust and credibility with your audience. One can do it in several ways, such as through testimonials, customer reviews, and social media engagement.

2. Why is social proofing important?

Social proofing is essential because it helps you build trust and credibility with your audience. When people discern that others have had positive experiences with you, they are more likely to trust you.

3. How can I boost my social proofing?

There are several ways you can boost your social proofing. Some of the most effective include testimonials, customer reviews, social media engagement, and more.

4. What are some of the benefits of boosting my social proofing?

Some benefits of boosting social proofing include increased trust and credibility, more sales and conversions, and improved SEO.

5. How can I get started?

If you’re ready to start boosting your social proofing, there are a listicle of things to get started. First, look at your existing marketing materials and see if there are any areas where you could add social proof. If not, consider creating new content, such as customer testimonials or reviews. You can also start engaging more with your social media followers and encourage them to leave reviews and testimonials.