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How to use YouTube influencers advantageously; Know disadvantages too

How to use YouTube influencers advantageously

Following is the tabulated data of the influence wieilded by India’s top YouTube influencers. The figures mentioned therein says it all.

Followers AVG. EngagementEngagement RateAVG. Video Views
Bhuvan Bam@Bhuvan_Bam25.8m2.8m31.7m9.2

Amit Bhadana – @TheAmitBhadana
Swagger Sharma@swaggersharmaa6.4m736.1k7.8m8.52

YouTube Influencers may be single individuals or organizations with many fans following the platform. Their audience watches and engages with their videos. Influencers make and publish videos, including vlogs, tutorials, reviews, and comments.

They frequently work with brands to promote goods or services. Hence marketers and advertisers can take advantage of their popularity.

If you are a YouTuber at some point in your YouTube journey collaborating with them can fast-forward your brand building. Your channel will resonate with millions as the influencer pushes your content across his audience.

Advantages of using YouTube influencers as a marketing strategy include the following:

Increased brand awareness through YouTube influencers

 YouTube influencers have sizable and attentive followings, and their audiences will likely trust their judgments and suggestions. Therefore, companies often collaborate with YouTube influencers to boost brand recognition and expand to new markets.

It can be an advantageous marketing technique, as it gives brands access to the influencer’s pre-existing audience and reliability.

High engagement rates through YouTube influencers

 Influencers frequently have a sizable and devoted following on social media platforms. So influencer-generated content can be particularly successful in boosting engagement.

Their fans are more likely to interact with the content they produce because they respect and trust their thoughts. Additionally, influencers frequently specialize in a particular field.

Hence it is possible to target an audience more likely to be interested in a brand’s goods or services. Brands that work with influencers could experience a rise in the number of likes, comments, and shares on their content. It will assist in raising brand awareness and exposure on the platform.

YouTube influencers will help you to be cost-effective

Partnering with a YouTube influencer can be a practical way to reach a specific target audience. They typically have a loyal following of viewers interested in the topics they cover. It may be more successful than traditional forms of advertising like print or television.

Also, influencer marketing on YouTube might be more affordable than other digital advertising strategies like Google or Facebook ads or television commercials.

Generate authenticity and trust through YouTube influencers 

By expressing their experiences, ideas, and feelings in the material they produce, YouTube influencers frequently develop a personal connection with their audience. It can increase the authenticity and relatability of their material, which can help them gain the audience’s trust.

Additionally, they regularly engage with their viewers through comments, live streaming, and other types of interaction, which can strengthen the feeling of connection and trust. They could develop a solid group of devoted supporters as a result.

Increase targeted audience through YouTube influencers

You can connect with and engage potential customers who are already interested in similar products or services to yours by collaborating with influencers on YouTube in your target market. It may be a powerful strategy for building your company’s reputation and spreading the word about your products.

Measurable impact through YouTube influencers

Many platforms offer several metrics, including social media and advertising platforms. They can use them to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. These metrics may include return on investment (ROI), which gauges a campaign’s profitability and engagement rates.

They get used to measuring the degree of involvement with a piece of content through actions like likes, shares, and comments. Clicks, impressions, reach, and conversion rates are additional metrics..

Disadvantages of YouTube Influencers

High cost of YouTube influencers

Influencers on YouTube who have significant followings may charge more for sponsored content and brand collaborations. Advertising agencies and businesses trying to market their goods or services find them appealing because of their enormous audiences and strong interaction rates.

However, the price may differ according to the particular influencer, the kind of material getting created, and the campaign’s objectives.

Choosing a high-priced influencer may only sometimes be necessary. Some influencers with smaller followings can still effectively promote brands. It depends on the target market, the influencer’s area of expertise, and the product getting promoted, so it’s wise to assess each situation individually.

At times a limited audience reach with YouTube influencers

The reach of an influencer’s YouTube audience can depend on various factors, such as their niche, the type of content they produce, and the size of their subscriber base. Some influencers may have a very passionate and sizable fan base, while others may have a more restricted audience.

What you need to know their content through sponsorships or other means can impact the size of their following differently.

At times a Lack of control through YouTube influencers

Companies generally give influencers guidelines and a basic concept of what they want them to promote when dealing with them. Influencers do, however, have more control over the substance and meaning of their posts since they have established trust with their following.

It benefits influencer marketing since it lends a product or message more authority. It also means that businesses have less influence over the result, which may be a drawback.

They may limit you to a single platform

Marketing efforts on YouTube will only reach those already on the platform. However, YouTube boasts over 2 billion monthly active users as of 2021 – making it one of the largest social media platforms.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a well-rounded digital strategy. Let it include channels like your website, email, social media, and paid marketing. Never rely entirely on one. 

There is a risk of association when it comes to YouTube influencers

When engaging with influencers, brands must exercise caution because their actions or words could negatively affect the company’s reputation. A message from an influencer with a sizable following can spread quickly, so firms must weigh the dangers of collaborating with a particular influencer.

Researching their prior social media posts and public statements may be part of this. The brand may end its engagement with an influencer if its actions or words harm its reputation.

Fake engagement

Some influencers might use unethical methods to increase their numbers. They might buy fake followers or engage in other activities that falsify their metrics. This fraudulent approach can make it more complicated for brands to understand how well their campaigns are doing.

Eventually, it could lead to less return on investment. To reduce this risk, brands can take advantage of tools and services that help them confirm the legitimacy of influencer metrics. Additionally, they can use influencer marketing platforms which guarantee reliable metrics.


Indeed, specific influencers are only sometimes sincere in their representation of a good or service. It usually occurs when they endorse something they don’t genuinely use or believe in.

Some influencers will exaggerate the advantages of a commodity or service for followers or sponsored content. People then could start to lose trust in an influencer.


Using YouTube influencers to advertise goods and reach a broad audience is generally very effective. However, there are some possible drawbacks to take into account. Influencers usually use exciting and relatable content to improve brand exposure and foster trust with a target audience.

Before collaborating with an influencer, it’s crucial to thoroughly analyze their audience, values, and content. Influencers may only sometimes be the perfect fit for some brands. It is also critical to be aware of the possible dangers of influencer marketing, such as influencer fraud.

Additionally, the brand’s reputation gets harmed if an influencer’s remarks or behaviour get perceived as offensive or provocative.