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How to Tackle The 5 great challenges; YouTube marketing

How to Tackle The 5 great challenges in YouTube marketing

There are several hindrances businesses and individuals face. The same applies to YouTube marketing:

Competition: With millions of channels and videos on YouTube, it can be challenging to stand out and get noticed.

Algorithm changes: YouTube’s algorithms frequently change, impacting how and when videos get recommended to viewers.

Time and resources: Creating and promoting videos on YouTube can be time-consuming and require significant resources.

Monetization: It is difficult for creators to monetize their content on YouTube if they don’t have a large following. 

Brand safety: It’s vital to ensure that a brand’s content and associations align with the company’s values and image. It can be a challenge on YouTube, where the content is user-generated.

Measuring success: It can be challenging to measure the ROI of a YouTube marketing campaign and determine which tactics are most effective.

Irrespective of the above which may vary from YouTuber to YouTuber the following 5 are the most prominent of challenges one has to deal and look out for

1. Avoid targeting the wrong audience for YouTube marketing

Many marketers need to connect to the right audience. It means that they choose the wrong people to show their video. If there is a famine somewhere and you are selling food in a land of plenty, then you have got the wrong audience. To avoid wasting your marketing efforts on the wrong audience, you must figure out who your customers are.

So, who is your ideal client? Both men and women? Old or young? Married or unmarried? Additional demographics include cultural background, occupation, income, educational attainment, and geographic layouts. Essentially, this is statistical information regarding the identity of your clients. You should also be aware of your audience’s lifestyle, interests, attitudes, values, and pain areas. These factors can all shed light on their personalities and purchasing intentions.

2. Have the right objective for YouTube marketing

Marketing objectives are a crucial part of video creation. You need to have the right picture of what you want to achieve with the video. For example, you should increase sales, get more customers or raise brand awareness. The type of video content you create will get based on your marketing objectives and your target audience. For example, you might create unboxing videos, interviews, event coverage, behind-the-scenes glimpses, Q&A sessions or how-to guides.

Think about the feeling you want your customers to have. Do you want them to feel excited, inspired or moved? Think about feelings that drive value for a business. Feelings you don’t want to use are frustration, stress, dissatisfaction and neglect. Making your customers feel such feelings will cost you lost opportunities and money.

3. Always offer high-quality videos for YouTube marketing

Good videos have a professional appearance and evoke emotions in the viewer. Pay attention to things like lighting, audio, and camera work if you want your video to look appealing. One element of video production that can change is lighting. Remove shadows and separate background from foreground elements. Emphasize important scenes.

Similarly, ensure top-quality audio for your videos. Filter out all background noises. Your video and promotion efforts will be more successful if the audio is of high quality. If the sound quality is poor, most viewers will stop watching your video and won’t hear the message you’re trying to get over.

4. Stop going after the wrong metrics. Tackle effectively?

It’s a common mistake for businesses to focus on the wrong metrics regarding video marketing. Comments and shares sometimes tell only part of the story. You have to monitor other metrics as well. You need to track the traffic source, the view-to-subscriber ratio, the average view duration, and the conversion rate. Also, you need to watch the average percentage of views, watch time, re-watches, and unique viewers.

5. Moderate content effectively. Remove unwanted content

The entire experience, including your comments area, is consumed by users who stumble onto your video or visit your YouTube channel. You wish to filter out spam and irrelevant comments, remove potentially harmful and improper, and approve and engage positively with relevant or encouraging comments. However, if you are overwhelmed or have much else to do, you can add a moderator to moderate content. Alternatively, You can use tools to help moderate the content posted on your site. You can approve posts or comments or hide posts containing specific words.


YouTube is an excellent resource for marketing your business. It is a great tool to help your potential customers notice your business. But, there are some challenges that you need to overcome to be successful. You must be on YouTube if you are serious about marketing your business. We hope this article has helped you get started with YouTube marketing.