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7 truths every Small YouTube Creator needs to know

7 truths every Small YouTube Creator needs to know

The sooner you acknowledge them as a beginner YouTube creator, the faster could be your brush with fame. Call them the 7 painful truths. Understand them to navigate successfully in the YouTube world.

How can every Small YouTube Creator ensure their content drives action? Produce top-quality content.

It means there is no room for poor-quality content. No matter how hard you try to push up your content on YouTube, it won’t budge. There’s a reason why a video flops. Lack of popularity happens to a video due to Technical or non-technical reasons. Blaming the YouTube Algorithm will not help. Deeply examining the analytics data will reveal the truth.

If content is king, what is a thumbnail? It is Queen!

You might ace making content; however, the presentation should be enticing. Failing which, your top-class content will share the ranks of poorly done content. YouTube may recommend your video to your audience. However, the clickthrough will not happen if the thumbnail is a dampener. A highly watched video with a poor clickthrough proves the content is way good. In such cases, a classy thumbnail will do the job of tilting maximum click rates and watch time to your favour.

View YouTube Analytics and depend not on what your friends or gut feeling tells you.

YouTube Studio is your radar for a comprehensive view of how your audience engages and responds to your videos. It is reading the mind of your audience with the help of data. It shows how your viewers exactly feel about your content.

Initially, don’t be afraid of poor video performance. It will not define you as a person.

Begin your journey without the perfectionist’s weight on your shoulders. Take that first step and put in your best effort. Study YouTube analytics to know where your content can shine brighter.

When you analyze your data objectively, you’ll uncover the path to content greatness. Failures become stepping stones when you harness the power of analytics. Chart your course for improvement and craft videos that outshine the rest.

YouTube creation: Is it a difficult job?

Just as a vehicle must kick off with its first gear, small creators embark on their journey wearing many hats. You step into the shoes of a filmmaker, editor, researcher, graphic designer, writer, and more. YouTubing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a bona fide job that demands dedication and hard work for success.

YouTube subscriber count: YouTube Longevity Has little to do With It.

You’ve probably heard that magic number – a thousand subscribers to join the YouTube Partner Program, no way around it. But stay focused on your subscriber count once you’re in. It’s not the be-all and end-all.

What matters is those views rolling in because that’s where the money starts flowing. It would help if you also had watch time to get your videos recommended and engaged to build a loyal community.

Surprisingly, a channel with 5,000 subscribers can often pull in more views than one with 50,000 subscribers. And a channel with a million subs might have less engagement than a channel with just a hundred thousand.

Your current subscriber count only sometimes reflects how interested people are in your channel. Plus, with all the different niches, CPMs, and ways to make money on YouTube, there are better ideas than using subscribers as a measure of income.


In the YouTube realm, embrace these seven truths for a smoother path to fame. Quality content is your cornerstone; poor quality won’t cut it. Trust YouTube Analytics over gut feelings. Thumbnails matter as much as content quality.

Don’t fear early setbacks; they’re stepping stones. Shed the perfectionist’s burden; YouTube isn’t just a hobby; it’s hard work.

Subscriber counts? Don’t fixate. Focus on views, watch time, and engagement. Small subs can lead to big success. These truths guide your journey. Your call to action: Create, analyze, and conquer the YouTube world!