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Know how To Generate 4000 Hours Of Watch Time!

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You can make money on YouTube by having an active audience who subscribe to your channel. For this, you need 1,000 subscribers and know how to generate 4000 hours of watch time within a year. Stay tuned for our next post about growth regarding these numbers!

Everyone knows how it feels to work hard but then receive no recognition. Fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be the case! We can help you get your videos watched by more people. 

Know how to generate 4000 hours of watch time by optimizing Video Length and YouTube Watch Time

It is crucial to track the amount of time spent watching videos. A lot of people need to take this into account when creating their content. Because longer videos tend to engage viewers better, you may think they’ll have higher hourly rates. Nevertheless, this is different, and it can even backfire if you see low caption ratings at critical points during a video. This reduces the incentive for YouTube to serve more of your content throughout its network!

What is the best way to create videos that people will watch? Making a long and monotonous video might not be the answer. Yes, it is true. A lot of us need more time or motivation for such an endeavour. Fortunately, there are more inventive ways around this issue, such as shooting short videos under three minutes instead.

To generate 4000 hours of watch time you need to invest in YouTube Shorts

Consider creating shorter videos instead of long-form content. It isn’t a yes or no question. You need to know precisely what you’re trying to accomplish with the YouTube Partner Program qualification!

More subscribers increase the chances of a company’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). Therefore, while 1k qualifying followers will not count toward reaching this metric, they will contribute if they subscribe to your film trailers through Shorts.

Studying Audience Retention Metrics is one of the ways to generate 4000 hours of watch time

With YouTube analytics, you can find out how your content performs weekly, month over month, and even year over year. For example, you can see how your content is performing across different channels. Can you compare this information to other sources, such as returning users? Comparing how many times someone watched his video against someone else’s upload shows how much interest there is in his video. 

Examining the critical moments for audience retention and how long people stay engaged with you before leaving or going back to browsing history (if applicable). If you click the ‘Analytics’ button on a published video, you can access information about engagement and retention rates for each type of content displayed. Check back soon for more information!

Once you publish a video, if retention is low, it might be time to assess what kinds of videos will work best on your channel and how long they should last. So you don’t lose your audience before the end, keep an eye on audience engagement, too!

Publish Your Videos When Your Audience is Online. It is best to help you generate 4000 hours of watch time

You can benefit significantly from knowing where most of your viewers are watching. Having this information will help you reach the widest audience. 

Anyone who signs up for YouTubeBooster’s newsletter can get access to a tool that helps you with this exact metric. A video published on the appropriate day will give them an edge over competitors if your audience is spread across different time zones.

Open Youtube to find out what time of day your viewers are typically on YouTube. Then click on the orange box that says Best Time To Publish under ‘Extension Tools’ to go to audience analytics information!

You will be joined if you missed your message or need assistance with YTubeBooster’s interface, as there are always plenty of people going around town giving directions.

Make the Most of End Screens, Info Cards, and Playlists

YouTube has recently added features like info cards and end screens that allow you to link to other videos within your video. You can use it to inform viewers about a topic or advertise.  

Engage your audience with comments to eventually 4000 hours of watch time

Creating engaging YouTube videos is one of the best ways to create content. You need to respond to comments quickly and professionally, however, if you want your videos to be successful. By watching hours’ worth of content, viewers will have a greater chance of engaging with them. Post or publish any video with more than 2 million views as soon as possible. 

Open-ended questions can also create canned responses to get people talking. Examples include:

In what way did the video benefit you or what was your biggest takeaway? 

Has anything new been learned or absorbed? 

Is there any particular part that lingers in your mind? 

Viewers revisit your video when they know you have responded to them, resulting in even more engagement.


You can generate 4,000 hours of watch time in a year if you invest in content and promotion strategies. The following tips will help you:

A high-quality video should be easy for viewers to watch and understand. Subscribers should be rewarded for subscribing and following along on what they see. A lengthy video will not be as successful because it will only sometimes feel like enough new material after the first few minutes. Keep your clips short unless certain aspects stand out well so that people will remain interested.