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Best Benefits of Creating an online course on YouTube

Best Benefits of Creating an online course on YouTube

Many online learning tools are available to make online education accessible and more effortless. YouTube, among them, is the ideal platform towards creating an online course. Why? Because there are 2 billion active users on YT. Five hundred hours of video content get uploaded on this largest video-sharing platform every minute. It is a social media galaxy of videos.

 It shows that video content has a great appeal and attracts more users than any other type of content. Hence YouTube could be a great tool to aid online learning. It can play a significant role in making the learning process effective and enriching. 

The learning experience on YouTube is memorable and effective. Hence retention and engagement rate increase to boost the overall effectiveness of an online lecture or course.

1. Creating an online course on the YouTube platform is helpful for teachers and learners. 

Teachers and students alike find YouTube videos helpful when used in the classroom. Reading walls of text in books and notes is a tedious exercise. Engage students with visually stimulating activities. They are more likely to pay attention when viewing videos.

2. Online education is highly cost-effective for creating an online course.

YouTube can be helpful in effectively reducing costs, irrespective of whether you’re a learner or an educator. Online is the way to go. Even with a smartphone camera, you may make informative movies. All on a minimal budget. 

Once created, you can freely submit them to your YT channel. You can attract subscriptions by preparing videos on challenging topics. It will boost your educational channel. 

Allow other online education systems to incorporate videos from your channel effortlessly. It will assist students in learning successfully for no cost and increase your brand value.

3 The platform offers a rich repository of educational resources for creating an online course

Links allow students to access various visual learning materials. It works even when a YouTube video cannot integrate into an LMS programme or an online course.

 Educational films on YouTube will motivate them to learn for themselves. Students adore watching YouTube videos because they may master complex concepts from there. 

They can also hone their punctuation and listening skills. Conversely, teachers can devote time to teaching complex ideas and concepts. Meanwhile, students can concentrate more on their learning capacities.

4 YouTube is mobile and microlearning friendly

Online education using YouTube provides the other fantastic advantages of mobile and microlearning. You can share what you need to make learning easier for your pupils. 

Publish instructional movies 10 minutes or less. Even longer or shorter videos can get uploaded there. Additionally, it enables pupils with short attention spans to learn efficiently online. 

YouTube videos are simple to view on various mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones

 . Videos on YouTube may be seen flawlessly on any size screen. The video quality always feels good and accurately displays the content.

5 YouTube gives a practical overview of the courses to facilitate effective admissions

Educational institutions can upload video content in various ways to help remote learners learn. One of them is using video content to assist students with the admissions process. 

There’s no need to be physically there or seek advice from others. Concise but comprehensive movies will assist students in understanding course enrollment and admissions.

 It helps prospective students feel enthusiastic. Vital details of the institutions notwithstanding, they get more information about courses and campus surroundings through YouTube videos. 


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