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Here are listed some of the top 10 YouTubers you may subscribe to. With a figure of more than 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the most widely used streaming service worldwide. No matter your field of interest, the site always has high-quality material. This post is for you if you’re seeking some of the top and most well-known creators.

Everyone can find something to watch on YouTube, from fitness and beauty tips to gaming streams and countless hours of cartoons. All kinds of creators adore the platform, which has remained popular by providing a wide range of entertaining content.

Overall, the number of subscribers has increased dramatically. The 20th spot had 21.3 million subscribers the last time. Ariana Grande, ranked #20, has 52.1 million subscribers, more than doubling that. The enormous expansion of channels with foreign bases has been the primary driver of the transition. Indians are now particularly fond of YouTube.

1. T-Series-Subscribers – 229 Million-One of the top 10 YouTubers.

T-Series and PewDiePie engaged in a protracted competition for several years to have the most subscribers on YouTube, which T-Series ultimately won. For a while, PewDiePie was the king. But T-Series has already firmly established itself as the leader thanks to its popularity in India and the fact that they consistently release more programming than any other channel.

The biggest music record label in India is T-Series, which also produces movies. Although the corporation has 29 YouTube channels, this is the main one. It primarily plays movie trailers and music videos. Its content gets mainly written in Hindi.

2. Cocomelon-Subscribers – 147 Million-One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Since its launch in 2006, Cocomelon has become one of the most prominent channels on YouTube, with 147 million subscribers as of 2021. The channel features a wide variety of content for kids, including nursery rhymes, educational songs, and fun stories. Cocomelon has something for every child, and its popularity has only grown recently. Thanks to its high-quality content and engaging videos, Cocomelon has become one of the most successful channels on YouTube.

3. SET India-Subscribers – 146 Million-One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Sony Pictures owns the channel known as SET or Sony Entertainment Television. While it is one of India’s most-watched television networks, SET also enjoys support on its YouTube account. SET India now ranks alongside T-Series as one of YouTube’s most subscribed channels, highlighting the value of the Indian business to the company.

The YouTube channel is a nonstop Hindi general entertainment station that caters to the entire family. It provides various genres, including thrillers, dramas, comedies, game shows, dance acts, and much more. The videos are a mixture of episode summaries and full episodes from their television programme.

4. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)-Subscribers – 111 Million–One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Felix has been one of the most popular YouTubers for many years, showing no signs of slowing down. He’s celebrated his channel’s 12th anniversary and continues producing original and engaging content.

He’s a gamer at heart, and streams live videos of himself playing various games on his channel. He also blogs occasionally and has a series of meme reviews. He frequently works with other well-known YouTubers to increase the number of views on his videos.

5. Jimmy Donaldson- Mr Beast-Subscribers – 112 Million–One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Jimmy Donaldson, known by his YouTube alias MrBeast, is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is most well-known for his stunts involving large sums of money as rewards and his efforts in charities, such as raising $20,000,000 to plant 20,000,000 trees and donating over 100 cars. 

He gets credited with pioneering the expensive challenge video genre. His videos typically include challenges with rewards in the thousands of dollars.

6. Like Nastya-Subscribers – 102 Million–One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Anastasia Radzinskaya, who goes by Nastya, Like Nastya, and Stacy, is a Russian American YouTuber who will turn nine years old on January 14, 2023. Nastya is a popular YouTube channel for kids that started a few years ago. Anastasia creates and runs her track with the help of her parents. Even though she is Russian (and started her channel there), Anastasia has since moved to Florida in the United States.

When the channel first started, it got focused on toy unboxing videos. But later, the content transformed to show visits to different amusement parks worldwide.

7. Vlad and Nikki-Subscribers – 89.7M-One of the top 10 YouTubers.

Vlad and Niki continue the recent popularity of children’s YouTube channels. The brothers Vlad and Niki, who get featured in endless fun and crazy adventures, are featured on the channel for their creative personalities and pranks. 

They are young, skilled artists. Following the introduction of their primary channel in 2018, Vlad and Niki also launched numerous more ones. They are Vlad and Niki ARA, Vlad and Niki Arabic, Vlad and Niki IDN, and Sweet Songs – Nursery Rhymes. Each episode makes entertaining movies for a preschool audience by utilising a unique mix of live-action, animation, and music.

8. 5-Minute Crafts-Subscribers – 77.9M-One of the top 10 YouTubers.

The 5-Minute Crafts channel is one of the most popular YouTube channels, and it’s easy to see why. It’s packed full of life hacks, crazy home science tricks and DIY tutorials that show people how to do them themselves. It’s all about experiencing the joy of doing it yourself, and it’s clear that people love watching videos and learning new skills.

Some of the videos are more for entertainment value than anything else. One of the most popular videos shows how to soak an egg in blue food colouring and maple syrup after soaking it in white vinegar for a day. – to get a more significant, bluer egg. It’s a fun video to watch, but it’s not something you’re likely to use in your own life! Of course, not every life hack will be helpful in your everyday life.

9. Blackpink-Subscribers – 82.9M– A top YouTuber.

The biggest girl group in South Korea is Blackpink, a global phenomenon. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa make up its members. The trio has achieved historical significance by being charted as the highest female Korean act on the Billboard Hot 100, with their number-one single “Ice Cream” reaching a peak of 13. (2020). The Album (2020), their album, became the first Korean female group album to sell over a million copies.

The most popular video currently is their 2018 hit song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” a video by a Korean group on YouTube. With their catchy tunes, powerful performances, and global appeal, it’s no wonder Blackpink is taking the world by storm!

10. Goldmines Telefilms-Subscribers – 78.8M-A top 10 YouTuber

An Indian film studio that specialises in dubbing movies is called Goldmines Telefilms. It offers fascinating, cutting-edge, and ground-breaking content to Indian satellite and terrestrial television stations. Goldmines Telefilms sees its YouTube channel as an extension of this and releases full-length blockbuster Hindi films, songs, comedy moments, and more every Saturday. 


We hope you enjoyed our list of YouTube personalities that will be the most popular in 2023. Since YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine and social media network, it’s essential to follow the channels these people create. Are there any YouTube personalities you like that we should have included? Let us know in the comments below! 

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