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How to increase your personalisation experience on YouTube?

How to increase your personalisation experience on YouTube

There are a few reasons why you should improve your YouTube customisation.

To begin with, it might assist you in finding fresh and intriguing material that you otherwise might not have seen. YouTube can help you find videos you’re likelier to like if you know how to increase your personalisation.

It customises your recommendations based on your interests and viewing history. Participating in your desired content enables you to design a more personalised experience.

You get a feed full of films you’re eager to view. Ultimately, improving your YouTube personalised experience can help you get the most out of the site. Your YouTube experience becomes more pleasurable and exciting.

Sign in and increase your personalisation

The platform learns more about you when you login into your YouTube account. It is possible because YouTube can track your viewing patterns and identify the kinds of videos you enjoy.

By doing this, YouTube can suggest related videos you like, personalising your experience. Depending on your location, language, and other characteristics, YouTube can offer videos when you sign in.

Sign in to your YouTube account to get the most out of the platform and find stuff you might not have otherwise found.

Watch time to increase your personalisation

Spend more time watching videos on YouTube. It is one of the best things you can do to improve your personalised experience.

The more videos you watch, the better YouTube will tailor its suggestions to you. Help YouTube better understand your likes and preferences.

Manage a wide range of videos in various categories. As a result, it will be able to recommend more timely and engaging videos to you in the future.

Like and dislike to increase your personalisation

A simple yet effective way to increase your personalisation experience on YouTube exists. It uses the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons to indicate which videos you like and dislike.

A thumbs up to videos you enjoy is signalling to YouTube that you want to see more of that type of content. Conversely, a thumbs down to a video will take note of that and try to avoid recommending similar videos in the future.

It helps YouTube better understand your preferences and tailor your recommendations accordingly. So, the next time you watch a video on YouTube, take a moment to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. It could make a big difference in the content you see on the platform!

Create playlists and increase your personalisation

Increase your personalisation experience on YouTube by creating playlists of your favourite videos and topics. Organise the videos you enjoy into playlists.

Give YouTube more data to work with when it comes to an understanding your interests and preferences. Make your playlists public. Other users who enjoy similar content can discover your playlists and find new videos to watch.

It can help create a sense of community and help you find out new channels and creators who share your interests. So, if you haven’t already, consider creatingBest Benefits of Creating an online course on YouTube some playlists on YouTube. It’s a simple yet effective way to make the platform work better for you!

Manage watch history and increase your personalisation

Suppose you want to take even more control over your personalisation experience on YouTube. In that case, you can manage your watch history by deleting unwanted videos.

For example, assume you watched a video that you didn’t enjoy. You should consider using YouTube to avoid suggesting similar videos in the future. So you delete that video from your watch history.

By doing so, you’re telling YouTube that it shouldn’t use that video to personalise your recommendations. Additionally, you could share a YouTube account with others. But you want your watch history to be independent of their viewing habits.

Managing your watch history is a great way to ensure your recommendations meet your interests. So, take a few minutes to review your watch history and delete any videos you don’t want to be used for personalisation. It’s a quick and easy way to take even more control over your YouTube experience!

Explore recommended videos to increase your personalisation

Have you recently reviewed the suggested videos section on your YouTube home page? It’s a fantastic method to find fresh material that YouTube thinks you’ll like!

The proposed section contains something for everyone. It could be cooking, playing video games, or just wanting to watch hilarious videos. Hence, why not try to see what new channels and films you can discover? You might find your new favourite YouTuber by accident!

Use Search to increase your personalisation

You can look for videos on any subject using the search function on YouTube. There is something for everyone, including cooking, travelling, music, and gaming!

Interestingly, your recommendations get more tailored when you conduct more in-depth searches on particular subjects.

Hence, if you need help deciding what to watch next, try using the search tool and see what results! You could come across something unexpected and thrilling. Happy looking!

Subscribe to channels

Have you ever considered becoming a subscriber to your preferred YouTubers? You can easily stay updated with their material by subscribing to their channel.

Additionally, it aids YouTube in better knowing the type of content you enjoy. It helps YouTube suggest even more movies to you

Thus, if there are any creators you regularly watch, click the subscribe button to keep up with their most recent content!


Improving your personalisation experience on YouTube is easy with these simple tips. So, take a few minutes to implement these tips and see how your YouTube recommendations improve. You might discover new channels, videos, and creators you never knew existed. Give it a try, and let YouTube show you the content you love!