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15 Tips for creating great content: video and blog

15 Tips for creating great content - video and blog

Be it creating videos or blogs, content creators all have faced a mental block at some point or the other when churning fresh or great content. All successful content creators face this hurdle here and then, but that has not stopped them from creating unique and fresh content time and again. Overcoming writer’s block or facing a shortage of ideas when creating videos will not stop them from remaining top of the line; Why should you?

1. Great content depends on how you curate content

To make your audience constantly seek your content, it has to be interesting, engaging and creative. You also need to continuously auto-generate content. Start with curated articles from trusted sites, then aggregate additional material from other news agencies or organizations. You can use the consolidated information to create an even more compelling article about this topic.”

2. Group brainstorming is essential for generating great content

When brainstorming with a group, you must ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute. The basic procedure involves selecting three or more participants from different backgrounds. They should qualify them on the topic at hand. The session should pose apparent problems and questions leading up to generating solutions. Brainstorming is one tried and tested approach to generate content.

3. Ask your readers to get insights into making great content

When it comes to content creation, the key is always staying on top of what your audience wants. That’s why getting feedback will help you understand how well different types or styles resonate with them. It also gives insight into changing preferences over time. Each new work you do will have an even greater chance of success than ever before.

4. Interview people before setting out to make great content

interview techniques help you turn out great posts! These approaches will also allow for more creative answers and a deeper understanding of the topic. Welding together different interviews are an excellent way to write new content.

5. Guest blogging is essential for making great content

Guest blogging invites someone from outside your company to write a blog published on the website. The writer usually works in an industry-related or overlapping with what it does, and they’re often experts in various fields.

6. Contact smaller Blogs for making your great content reach out

Try contacting smaller blogs and ask if they would be willing to post your content. Most likely, the answer will always be yes for free publicity. The benefits are mutual for both the parties involved.

7. Pick up a best case study before you set out to make great content.

Marketers are obsessed with the notion of storytelling. A case study is a story within itself. It often tells about how real customer overcame their problems using your products or services. A case study involving a product or service is a story that presents itself with your customer’s problem and how he overcame it in the end.

8. Worst case studies provide insights into coming up with fresh ideas for great content

Even worst case studies will provide many insights into highlighting what your audience should not do or avoid in a particular scenario. A wealth of understanding is found in things gone wrong or through others’ mistakes. The great inventor Thomas Alva Edison once remarked about failure; “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

9. Reviewing things will be helpful for making great content

Writing a good review can also help to advance your career. Studies get highly cited, which means they help with recognition and promotion. Reviewers might show that you’re an innovative thinker who’s mastered important topics for organizations or clients alike!

10. Sharing your success will help you attract more success tips from your audience towards making great content

When you share your successes with your fans, they are more likely to advise and strategize. Sharing your success will also broaden your fan base, directly converting it into a more extensive people base for consuming your content. You might even find yourself building a support network of like-minded people as well!

11. Sharing your failures can be a good eye opener for making great content

It is not just you who come out wiser after a failure but sharing your setbacks among your audience can help you identify with similar people. Even for those who have not had identical failures, your confession can be a valuable eye-opener for many to avoid the pitfalls. So sharing your losses will be an excellent winning piece of content for your blog.

12. Re-post your old posts can be equivalent towards making great content

It’s time to dust off that old post you saved in your drafts and see what people make of it. You might be awed by how much more interest there was than when originally published! Sometimes older the post, the better! Re-sharing your memories can help spark up interest in new followers; old posts might prove interesting enough for them too.

13. Use name recognition for renewing and drawing interest towards upcoming content

Bringing two unrelated but familiar names in your writing can spark a renewed interest in the minds of your audience for your content. 

Thomas Wayne spoke the most famous line in Batman cinema at the beginning of “The Dark Night.” 

He said, “Why do we fall? It’s just a matter of choosing which one you want – or need!” so that when it’s time to stand up again. Life will present itself with extra offers. So taking a cue from the cinematic line, you can address success as a big part of learning what works and doesn’t. You’re on the right track if you discover topics that bring traffic and engagement.

14. Watch a play to get ideas for effective content

You can waste hours on TV shows and end up cursing their addictive effect on yourself. In contrast you may plan on binge-watching the next season of Game of Thrones. Or you may go to the cinema to be entertained as part of the audience.

Better still, you can develop an eye for movie elements, study styles of certain directors and screenwriters, take mental notes, and convert it all as excellent material for writing.

15. Get personal

Your story is unique and special, so share it with the world! Stories have the power to reach people. They can help you relate in ways that other content doesn’t always do for them. Narrate your account in a way to stand out.

Unleash your inner storyteller telling tales from start to finish.


There are no hard and fast rules for drawing inspiration towards creating content. Every writer has got their ways of breaking the deadlock of mental impasse. What works for one may not be suitable for another, so improvisation is the key. Nevertheless, the above resorts are the most popular ones to help content creators generate the much-needed spark when their thoughts hit a roadblock.