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Did you know the Top YouTube Gaming Niches for 2023 

The Top YouTube Gaming Niches for 2023 

Are you thinking hard about finding the perfect gaming niche? Well, then, you are almost there. Read on to learn how to associate yourself with the one who plays best for you! It is game on for you from now.

YouTube is a gamer’s paradise! The gaming community thrives with massive viewership. It’s a delightful cycle of playing games and watching others flaunt their skills. And guess what? YouTube is bursting with various gaming creators at the seams, spanning multiple niches. The choices are endless, so buckle up and dive into this captivating world! Welcome to the world of 6 unique YouTube Gaming Niches.

Speedrunning world records

When it comes to gaming, speedrunning is all about completing a video game as quickly as humanly possible. Viewers love watching players delve into specific in-game mechanics and glitches. But let me tell you, consistent success in speed runs requires some serious gaming skills.

Choosing a suitable game is crucial. You’ll likely be playing it for countless hours, months. So, picking a game you enjoy playing is wise. There’s a whole bunch of popular options out there. The timeless classics Super Mario 64, Minecraft, and Zelda are trending. Once you establish yourself as a reputable speedrunner in one game, you can explore other games.

It’s no coincidence that speedrunning has racked up over 1 billion views in the past year alone. More and more viewers join the hype every single day. Check out popular creators like EasySpeezy and Karl Jacobst to dive into this thrilling world. It will help you to get a taste of what it’s all about!

What is the fastest speedrun record?
By August 2022, a player named CantEven claimed the top spot by completing a lightning-fast speedrun of Portal in under six minutes. The exact time? A jaw-dropping five minutes and fifty-three seconds.

Let’s play; The list is endless.

The Let’s Play niche has been a hit in the YouTube gaming scene for quite a while now. Some even say it’s where gaming on YouTube all began. Unlike speedrunning, you don’t need mad skills to excel in this niche.

A successful Let’s Play creator can engage and entertain their audience while sharing expertise.
Let’s Play channels cater to all kinds of viewers. Some folks enjoy shorter YouTube Shorts with lively commentary. In comparison, others prefer tuning in for 30-minute videos every day. It’s all about weaving captivating stories and bringing your creative vision.
In need of some inspiration? Take a peek at the OGs of the Let’s Play niche, like Markiplier and Chuggaconroy. These legends have been rocking it for years, so they’re worth checking out!

What is Let’s play live?

LPL is an esports tournament organizer and broadcasting company rooted in Oceania. They aim to empower players, viewers, and partners to discover meaning in competitive video games. Their online platform provides exciting gaming leagues for various titles and skill levels.

Gameplay Walkthroughs

Ever found yourself trapped on a game level, desperately seeking a way out on YouTube? Chances are, you stumbled upon a channel from the walkthrough niche.

These video game guides are like friendly saviours for less experienced players. They help them conquer challenges. Even seasoned gamers adore reliving their favourite moments with these walkthroughs.

They’re the perfect pastime for those itching to play a game they can’t buy just yet. Plus, they’re not just about unwinding. Gameplay Walkthroughs are valuable for understanding a game’s ins and outs. It helps one decide if its plot is worth diving into.
Ready for some cosy content? Check out incredible channels like PewDiePie, theRadBrad, World of Longplays, and more. They’ve got your back!

How do you write a game walkthrough?
Master the game by playing it all! Use game design to your advantage. Craft accessible and specific walkthroughs to become the ultimate guide hero!

Games Guides and Tutorials

Gameplay walkthroughs offer quick solutions, but for in-depth game mastery, turn to comprehensive guides and tutorials. A successful creator in this niche needs both skill and extensive knowledge. Tutorials should assist others. It should address concerns like navigating tricky levels or understanding weaponry systems. Check out IGN and Game Guides Channel for engaging and creative gameplay guides!

What are game guides called?

Strategy guides are guidebooks filled with hints and complete solutions for specific video games.

Livestreaming Platforms

Gaming live streams used to be about Twitch. Later YouTube joined the party and brought some exclusive streamers with millions of views.

It’s budget-friendly. The act requires specific skills to entertain, engage with the chat, and maintain top-notch content. It’s a full plate, but the rewards are extraordinary. Livestreaming is the ultimate path to building a YouTube brand. It’s only getting bigger!

Get in on the action with popular streamers like iShowSpeed, TimTheTatman, and the one and only Dr Disrespect.

What is the best live-streaming platform?

Live-streaming service recommendation on YouTube boasts a staggering two billion monthly users. Its user base spans vast and diverse globally, encompassing various age groups. It is one of the most inclusive and widely accessible live-streaming platforms available.

Gaming Reviews or news

Not into gameplay? No worries! This niche has got you covered. Game reviewers are here to guide you, like the cool kids in the review block. 

Do you get stuck not knowing what’s worth playing next? Dive into video game reviews on YouTube. It’s the ultimate hub for diverse opinions and gaming news galore. 

Check out awesome channels like Gameranx and Worth A Buy for top-notch content. And remember, the YouTube universe offers endless possibilities to explore. So go ahead, create, and conquer!

How do you write a gaming review?

  1. Choose your audience.
  2. Select a game and start playing.
  3. Gather information.
  4. Create a review outline.
  5. Write your first draft.
  6. Revise and refine.
  7. Publish your review.
  8. The ultimate guide to writing game reviews.


Ride on the immense popularity of gaming content on YouTube. It is the perfect time to steer your path. Choose the niche that resonates with you the most. Harness your creativity. Showcase your gaming expertise to captivate and entertain your audience.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your gaming talents. Create engaging content, and join the vibrant YouTube gaming community. Start your journey today. Let the world witness your gaming prowess.