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Are you a Destiny Youtuber?

Are you a Destiny Youtuber

It’s all about YouTubers these days, seriously! You can only go anywhere hearing about these social media influencers who own the scene.

People like Kandee Johnson, Annie LeBlanc, and Liza Koshy have millions of followers, not to mention loads of money! They’re like cool new celebrities, thanks to the internet, each one became a destiny YouTuber.

But let’s not kid ourselves; being a YouTuber is no joke. It’s a ton of hard work, and everyone starts small. Like, we’re talking humble beginnings here. So, do you have what it takes to rock that iPhone screen and become the next big thing? Check out these 11 signs that say you could nail the whole YouTuber thing:

Are you camera-conscious?

Back then, YouTubers were mostly shy teenagers just chatting into their webcams from their bedrooms. But now, the new generation of YouTubers? They’re like pros! They can give veteran TV hosts a run for their money. YouTubers are ace at chatting and coming up with stuff on the spot. 

If you’re the kind of person who feels super comfy in front of a camera, or if you love acting, making people laugh, or performing, guess what? Your webcam could open doors to a whole new career adventure!

Editing Videos: Do you enjoy them?

YouTube videos aren’t like those quick Instagram Stories, or Snapchat snaps you can nail in one go. Nope, making them takes some serious effort. 

You’ve got to dive into video editing, especially if you’re all about beauty stuff, cooking, or cool DIY projects. If you’re not into that editing thing, keeping up with regular video uploads will be tough.

But hey, if you’re the type who enjoys putting together a story and paying attention to all the little details, then guess what? Video editing may become your therapy session. It’s all about finding that joy in making your content top-notch!

Can I edit a video online for free?

Produce polished videos in your browser using Canva’s intuitive editor. Add transitions, animations, fonts, audio, and more with ease. Open in a new window.

Do you mentally process focused?

Are you obsessed with makeup, hair, music, women’s rights, comedy, or gardening? YouTubers who hit it big often begin with channels about a specific and passionate thing they’re focused on. 

They become the go-to people in that area, known as the experts. And you know what’s cool? If you already love that thing, it’s a significant bonus because your excitement shines through! 

It’s like building your brand and being an authority in your corner of the internet.

Why is process focus important?

Processes are crucial as they outline how tasks get performed, offering a basis for improvement. The quality of outcomes depends on how healthy tasks get executed. By emphasizing and optimizing the right processes, you pave a path to success.

Talkative and goofy memes; Another hallmark of a budding YouTuber.

YouTubing is not a shy person’s game. There’s a whole lot of talking going on! If putting your thoughts into words is a struggle, then YouTube might not be your jam. 

But assuming you’re the kind of person who can chat up a storm. Or make a wall crack a smile; then you could be the next big thing everyone’s talking about! 

What does the word meme meme mean?

Meme, pronounced “MEEM,” refers to a concept, behaviour, style, or trend that circulates within a culture. It can also be humorous or captivating, like a captioned image or video, often shared extensively on social media.

Are you a vulnerable person and don’t mind opening up?

People connect with YouTubers because of who they are and how real they can be. Being yourself and showing your vulnerable side is critical. 

You’ve got to feel good just being you and be cool with sharing parts of your life with your viewers. But, if you’re more private and not into everyone knowing everything about you, it might be a challenge. 

What is the meaning of opening up to someone?

It means sharing your thoughts and feelings and becoming more open and communicative, often by overcoming shyness.

The trust factor your friends have for you is high.

YouTube’s all about giving advice, stuff you’ve picked up, heard, or taught. If you’re the friend always giving advice, that’s a big plus too! Sharing your wisdom is like a big part of the YouTube game. 

What are the 4 C’s of trust?

“The 4 C’s of Trust Building”: Commitment, Care, Consistency, Competence.

Do you know how to be a trendsetter?

Are you up for trying new stuff? Do you love being ahead of the curve? Things are tough on YouTube, especially in beauty and fashion. You’ve got to be right there when the cool things are happening so that your audience thinks you’re on point. If you’re slow to catch a hot makeup trend, your viewers might have already checked it elsewhere. Stay in the loop and be the trendsetter! 

Who generates a trend?

Early adopters wield influence, propelling trends into reality. The early majority, influenced by them, form a significant part of the masses. The late majority are more hesitant to embrace trends.

Do you know how to handle haters?

Let’s be honest; nobody likes dealing with mean comments, even if you’re famous. Even big names like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez sometimes hide their Instagram comments. They do it to avoid those online trolls. To make it as a YouTuber, you must be challenging. Why? Because, believe it or not, there’s always that one person who wants to bring you down. They don’t care even if you’re the most excellent person. Stay strong, and keep your head high!

How do you destroy haters?

Remove haters from your life if needed. Show empathy towards them—counter negativity with kindness and positivity. Focus on changing and controlling yourself.

You have a unique point of view.

Have you got strong opinions? Excellent, because being a YouTuber means having your take on things. Watching someone who’s wishy-washy about trends or keeps flip-flopping is not fun. People come to YouTube for insights, reviews, and thoughts. So, if you’ve got that clear perspective, you’re golden!

What exactly is the point of view?

The narrator tells the story, while the text’s point of view is the story’s perspective. The narrator is like a person, and their point of view is the angle they adopt to tell the story.

Are you patient?

Are you building a YouTube empire? It’s not a quick ride. And you might not even be after that. But hey, if you’re making content, you want people to see it. Just remember, this isn’t an instant thing. It could take ages to gather a following. 

You’re ahead of the pack if you’re cool with being patient and playing the long game. Most folks won’t stick around, but you’re in it for the long haul!

How are you a patient person?

Patience involves calmly waiting amid frustration or challenges. Since these are common, we consistently have chances to practice patience. It’s crucial for daily life and potentially pivotal for happiness.


In this world of ever-evolving digital fame, becoming a YouTuber isn’t just about talking into a camera. It’s about having a unique spark, a passion that ignites your content. You also need to have the willingness to weather the ups and downs. Remember, the journey to YouTube stardom isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It’s about embracing your quirks, riding the waves of trends, and staying true to yourself, even when the trolls come knocking.