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The Psychology Behind Viral YouTube Videos: An In-Depth Analysis

The Psychology Behind Viral YouTube Videos

Anyone can become an overnight sensation with social media and video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

But why do some viral YouTube videos videos are so while others fizzle out?

Creating viral YouTube videos is essential in marketing in today’s digital age.

There is no magic formula for creating viral content, but several factors contribute to a video’s success.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the psychology behind viral YouTube videos and explore what makes them so shareable.

The Power of Emotions Behind most viewed viral YouTube Videos

How many videos have one billion views; 331

Do you want to get added to this list?

One of the main reasons why videos go viral is that they evoke strong emotions in viewers. People are likelier to share content that makes them happy, sad, inspired, or amused. In fact, according to a finding by the University of Pennsylvania, content that triggers emotions stands out more than content that doesn’t.
Humour is the hallmark of YouTube viral videos. They are proven to elicit emotions in viewers. Funny videos often get shared widely because they make people laugh and feel good. But humour isn’t the only emotion that can drive virality. Heartwarming stories, inspiring messages, and tear-jerking moments can also be compelling.

The most-watched viral YouTube Videos get designed to create a Connection.

How much do 1 billion views on YouTube pay?

The possibilities are endless if you want to make it rain on YouTube. According to Zippia, hitting 1 billion views can net you a cool $5,000. 

Nevertheless, such cool Viral YouTube videos become famous because they make a connection with the audience. People are more likely to share content that they can relate to, or that aligns with their values. Videos with a strong message or addressing a common issue are more likely to resonate with viewers. They get shared widely.

In addition to creating a connection with the audience, successful videos often tap into more significant cultural trends or conversations. They may reference popular memes, comment on current events, or offer a unique take on a well-known topic. By tapping into these more extensive cultural conversations, viral videos can reach a wider audience and create a more substantial impact.

The Element of Surprise behind viral YouTube videos

What are the three different types of surprises?

The three kinds of surprise

  • When something happens that we don’t expect.
  • When we expect something to happen, but something else happens instead.
  • When we expect something to happen, nothing happens.

Another factor contributing to videos’ virality is the element of surprise. People are more likely to share unexpected content that defies their expectations. Viral YouTube Videos offering a unique twist on a familiar topic are more likely to be widely shared. They showcase something unforeseen or unusual.

For example, “Charlie Bit My Finger” is the most sought-after video on YouTube. It became viral because it was unexpected and humorous. No one expected a video of two young brothers playfully teasing each other to become such a huge hit. However, its unexpectedness made it appealing to viewers.

Incorporating vital Statistics is crucial for viral YouTube videos

While emotions, connections, and surprise are all critical factors contributing to a video’s virality, statistics and data can also play a role.

What is the importance of vital statistics?

By incorporating statistics and data into their videos, creators can lend credibility to their message and appeal to viewers’ logical side.
For example, a video showcasing climate change’s impact might use statistics to highlight the severity of the issue. It will drive viewers to take action. Using data to back up their message, creators can create more compelling and impactful viral YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts- The magic formula to YouTube fame: Is there any?

However, there is no shortcut for creating viral videos. Understanding the psychology behind what makes content shareable is what matters. It helps creators increase their chances of success. Tap into emotions, and build connections. Offer the element of surprise and incorporate statistics. Creators can then make content that resonates with viewers and gets shared widely.

So go ahead, get creative. See if you can create the next viral YouTube sensation. It could be your right move to internet stardom!

Now if at all there are, what are the three formulas of success?

They are:

  • Passion: positive energy even during tough times.
  • Purpose: having meaning in your life.
  • People: optimizing your relationships.