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7 Ways To Build A Growth Mindset With YouTube Videos

7 Ways To Build A Growth Mindset With YouTube Videos

To build a growth mindset or have one means that you believe your skills and intelligence can be improved over time through experience and learning. According to Carol Dweck, a psychologist from Stanford University, this mindset is different from a fixed mindset – which is the belief that your abilities are fixed and cannot be changed no matter what. Dweck first introduced the idea of growth mindset in her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”.

Tom Bilyeu talks about ways to build a growth mindset

Tom Bilyeu is a motivational speaker. He is the host of Impact Theory, Health Theory, and Conversations with Tom. His goal in life is to introduce others to people and concepts that will elevate mindsets together. He plans this approach through leadership skills on both personal and professional levels. He focuses specifically on helping people develop these traits by using principles from health science like high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Tom Bilyeu’s channel is where you can find three different formats of motivational overload: Impact Theory, Health theory and conversations with Tom.

The first one-hour show focuses on impact theory with experienced people who have made an incredible difference in society. Their exploits narrated include some lessons learned during life’s journey so far.

Health Theory is a format that showcases the latest research in health topics. It emphasizes optimizing human wellness and sharing this information for people’s benefit.

Conversations with Tom is more freestyle. The host has deep, meaningful conversations with his guests. There are no rules or formats to define what they will talk about during the show. It’s just two people talking deeply from their hearts.

He’s interviewed world-renowned figures such as Tony Robbins, Wim Hof — the iceman— and Les Brown.

Lewis Howes inspires people to build a growth mindset

Lewis Howes is an inspiration to anyone who listens. His podcast, The School Of Greatness Talk Show, interviews successful people worldwide. The show helps you learn about their journey in life. It is a must-listen for any person looking towards bettering themselves or their organization’s success rate.

Lewis has interviewed some well-known figures such as Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Jim Kwik BabyKyle Cease, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Jay Shetty preaches how to develop a growth mindset

Jay is a storyteller and former monk who has shared wisdom with the world since 2016. He posts videos each week on topics like motivation, love or relationships to make it highly relevant for everyone.

Jay’s channel offers various formats. His interview shows can last up until an hour long. He also showcases short inspirational pieces lasting less than five minutes each.

Rich Roll through his podcasts explains how to have a growth mindset

Rich Roll’s podcast explores the world of mindfulness, wellness and ultra-endurance. He interviews some well-known people who have something to say about these topics, such as Ryan holiday or Mark Manson, with their insights. They explain how they’ve experienced success in life through meditation techniques discussed throughout this show. Such in-depth analysis of a person’s life makes the show interesting because you’ll learn something new every time.

Ed Mylett explores the mindset of successful people

On the Ed Mylett Show, he interviews top performers from all industries. The show endeavours to discover how they achieved success and their journey from the beginning. He’s had guests such as Maria Forleo, Tony Robbins, Jesse Itzler, Robert O’Neill, Trent Shelton, and others on his show. Showcasing incredible peaks in life while also sharing knowledge you can use today.

Maria Forleo offers ways to be highly productive

Maria Forleo’s channel, MarieTV, offers a variety of formats. They vary from long-format interview shows to short educational videos. Sumi Lalli is one of the hosts who helps you realize your most significant potential using her unique talents in changing this world around us.

The high-quality content on offer provides viewers with something new every time they tune into it. The content delivered is through interviews and inspirational messages. The show strives to make sure people stay tuned up through value provided consistently. The show has helped change Peoples’ lives forever.”

The School of Life teaches you to make your life more productive

They say the School of Life teaches you how to live your life more fully. They use short films and social activities that help people understand themselves better. The show also improves their relationships and helps them succeed in careers or social lives. The organization has different formats, all designed for one goal. To help us lead happier lives. You also learn about who you are as individuals while on your journey towards becoming more fulfilled human beings.


When you feel confident in yourself, it’s easier to solve problems and make better decisions. You take more risks when your self-image is positive because negativity can lead us down a path that might not end positively.

A strong sense of who we are drives our behavior – whether or not this involves reaching out for help when necessary. Seeing the world through rose colored glasses doesn’t mean ignoring problems. instead, try viewing negative experiences as challenges with potential solutions.