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How to Correct an Error with a Published YouTube Video

How to Correct an Error with a Published YouTube Video

Hey there! How to correct an error or a flaw with one of your favourite videos? Have you heard about the new feature on YouTube that lets creators correct mistakes in their already-published videos? It’s called “Corrections,” and it’s pretty awesome!

Creators can now submit timestamped text corrections for mistakes in their videos without editing and re-uploading them. It is excellent news because before this if a creator found an error in their video, they would have to re-upload it. It would result in losing all the likes, comments, and other engagement metrics generated by the original video.

The “Corrections” tool is a game-changer. Creators can now quickly fix mistakes or add necessary information to their videos. They don’t have to go through the tedious process of re-uploading it. It is beneficial for news-related videos or content covering current events, where accuracy is crucial.

So, if you’re a YouTube creator and want to know how to correct an error in your video, use the new “Corrections” feature. You’re good to go!

YouTube Correction- How does it work

Have you heard about YouTube’s correction feature? It’s a great way for creators to let viewers know when a specific moment in their video contains an error or needs updating.

Here’s how it works: creators can add a “Corrections” section to the description of their video and include a timestamped explanation of any errors or clarifications that need to be made. This text pop-up appears on the video at the specified timestamp so viewers know that there’s been a correction made.

The best part is that the video content doesn’t get replaced – only the correction appears in this text pop-up. So, creators don’t have to re-upload their entire video to fix a small mistake.

To activate this feature, creators must type “Correction:” or “Corrections:” in the video description box, followed by the timestamp and explanation of the corrected error.

YouTube is currently rolling out this feature to eligible creators, with access expected to be available to all by the end of June 2022. It’s worth noting that the corrections feature won’t be available to creators with any active strikes on their channel or whose content got flagged as inappropriate.

Overall, the correction feature is a great tool that can improve the accuracy and reliability of content on YouTube. It will make it easier for creators to update and clarify their already-published videos.


The new “Corrections” feature on YouTube is revolutionary for creators. It helps creators fix errors and update their videos easier without losing engagement metrics. It’s a step towards improving the accuracy and reliability of the content on the platform. The feature ensures that viewers receive the most up-to-date and correct information. So, let’s give a big thumbs up to YouTube for introducing this fantastic feature!